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At Safeguard Formwork, you’re not just buying products; you’re investing in peace of mind. We bring you an extensive range of industry-leading formwork brands including Green Formwork, ALU Props, and Ringer AL2000 – with the option for financing.

But what sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and reliability. This isn’t just a business mantra — it’s a promise backed by exceptional customer support and a team that’s always ready to respond to your needs.

Green Formwork

Support your construction project with our state-of-the-art Green Formwork. This system is redefining the construction industry by prioritising safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Featuring an exclusive wind lock mechanism and built-in safety controls, our Green Formwork system ensures quick installation, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Key Features

  • Wind lock mechanism: Experience unprecedented stability and peace of mind, thanks to our advanced wind lock feature.
  • Safety in design: In-built engineering controls support your safety, reducing risks and liabilities.
  • Working from below: Designed for bottom-up construction, eliminating the danger of accidental falls through holes.
  • Drop-head feature: A lower support prop head allows beams to be formed on the same prop as the main deck, providing unrivalled labour efficiency.
  • Speed & efficiency: Our streamlined installation process means you save time and money without compromising on safety.

Technical details

ALU Props

Take your construction project to the next level with revolutionary ALU Slab Props. These industry-leading designs offer incredible load-bearing capabilities, lightweight aluminium construction, and countless time-saving features. Here’s why our aluminium ALU Slab Props should be your go-to support system.

Key Features

  • High load-bearing capacity: Handles up to 88 kN, allowing for fewer props and significant cost-saving.
    Built-in measuring tape: Ensures precise height adjustments, eliminating guesswork.
  • Self-cleaning thread: Facilitates smooth operation, even in the most challenging environments.
  • Durable materials: Made of powder-coated aluminium for long-lasting performance.
  • Safety Measures: Anti-pinch features and robust lowering cams for enhanced safety.
  • Versatility: Compatible with multiple frame sizes, making it ideal for various construction needs. It’s even compatible with other leading European Brands.

Technical details

  • Leg load: Supports up to 88 kN leg loads
  • Prop lengths: Ranging from 1.45 m to 6.25 m.
  • Quick tuning: 36 mm adjustment per nut turn.

Ringer AL2000

Experience the next generation of formwork with our Ringer AL2000. This aluminium formwork system is as versatile as it is robust, suitable for a wide range of construction applications. Whether you’re building residential or commercial structures, the AL2000 provides unparalleled performance and durability.

Key Features

  • High load capacity: Handles a concrete pressure of up to 60 kN/m².
  • Lightweight design: Weighing just 21 kg/m², facilitating hand-forming and minimising labour costs.
  • Versatile & flexible: Available in multiple panel heights and widths for tailored application.
  • User-friendly: Easy handling thanks to additional grip features.
  • Transformable slab formwork: Can be easily converted to a slab formwork system with AluDEK.
  • Crane-independent: Light profiles enable one-person assembly, reducing labour costs.

Technical details

  • Performance metrics: Capable of 60 kN/m² fresh concrete pressure.
  • Lightweight design: Only 21 kg/m² for effortless manual forming.
  • Panel versatility: Heights of 1.35 m, 2.70 m, 3.00 m and widths from 25 cm to 90 cm. Custom sizes available.
  • ST2000 compatibility: Fully compatible with ST2000 systems.

Ringer ST2000

Discover the ideal balance between cost-efficiency and adaptability with the ST2000. This hot-dip galvanised system excels in a variety of applications, from small residential projects to expansive commercial ventures. Its optimised panels and seamless AL2000 integration make it a vital system in modern formwork technology.

Key Features

  • Performance: Withstands up to 60 kN/m² of fresh concrete pressure.
    Versatile: Offers 8 panel widths and 3 heights for project adaptability.
  • Compatibility: Integrates effortlessly with AL2000 systems.
  • Stable & ergonomic: Galvanised closed steel frame with practical grips for easy handling.
  • Highly flexible: Wide panel range adapts to various project configurations.

Technical details

  • Panel height: From 1.35 m to 3.00 m.
  • Panel width: From 0.25 m and 0.90 m.
  • Material: Closed steel frame profile for stability.
  • Crane hook utility: Pre-assembled panels can be easily moved with a crane hook with appropriate weight certification.

Ringer DEKPlus 

Elevate your slab forming game with DEKplus. This fully galvanised frame is engineered for speed and built to last, conforming to DIN 18202 standards. Offering a variety of table sizes, DEKplus maximises your economic benefits by minimising labour and transport costs.

Key Features

  • High performance: Handles 70 cm slabs; complies with DIN 18202.
  • Robust & durable: Galvanised frame, 15 mm coated plywood.
  • Economical: 33% faster forming, 60% lower transport costs.
  • Space efficiency: Slim 12 cm overall height, up to 480 m² of formwork fits on a single semi-trailer.
  • Safety features: Near-toolless safety component installation, full platform side protection, and enhanced safety via gapless side systems.

Technical details

  • Performance specs: Table sizes up to 5.40 x 2.25 m (12.15 m²) and 5.40 x 1.80 m (9.72 m²); compliant with DIN 18202 for slab flatness and up to 70 cm slab thickness.
  • Crane capacity: Crane hooks designed for lifting up to 5 tables simultaneously.
  • Full compatibility: Works with AluDEK and AL2000, plus adapter options for direct AluDEK installation.
  • Infill options: Simple infill solutions with 21 and 27 mm shuttering boards on AluDEK beams.

Ringer Master PRO

Push the boundaries of what’s possible in formwork with Master PRO. Crafted from galvanised steel, this revolutionary system is your solution for cost-cutting and efficient construction. With a max load capacity of 80 kN/m², Master PRO takes durability and performance to new heights.

Key Features

Performance: Withstands 80 kN/m² fresh concrete pressure.
Versatile: Variety of panel sizes for project needs.
Speed advantage: Over 33% time saved in forming and stripping with less manpower needed.
Cost efficiency: One-sided anchoring by a single person, no need for spacer tubes, and extended service life.
Stable design: Galvanised steel panels for robustness, easy cleaning, and ergonomic grips for simple handling.
Superior concrete finish: Structured and symmetrical tie patterns, plus options for exposed concrete plates.
Innovative tie system: Conical ties with 15-50 cm wall thickness adjustment and self-sealing features, no spacer tubes needed.

Technical details

  • Versatility: Panel heights and widths from 0.60 m to 3.00 m and 0.30 m to 2.40 m.
  • Wall thickness: Adjustable from 15-50 cm.
  • Compatibility: Works with Steel & Alu Master.

Ringer ALU Master

Introducing Ringer ALU Master, designed to optimise both safety and cost-efficiency, even when a crane isn’t an option. With an array of features including protector corners and engraved panel sizes, ALU Master accommodates the demanding needs of modern construction.

Key Features

  • Performance: Capable of withstanding 60 kN/m² of fresh concrete pressure.
  • Versatility: Wide range of panel heights and widths to fit your project’s needs.
  • Light weight: Designed for reduced workload in hand-set forming.
  • Crane-independent: No crane? No problem. ALU Master is easy to set up.
  • Compatibility: Integrates seamlessly with Steel Master for a flexible job site.
  • Smart multi-function profile: High-quality galvanised aluminium with practical grips for easy handling.
  • Distinctive: Available in any RAL colour and can be engraved with your company name.
  • Durability: Features innovative protector corners and reinforced edge-profile for an extended lifespan.
  • Concrete Finish: Achieve high-quality finishes with structured joint patterns.

Technical details

  • Panel heights: 0.90 m / 1.35 m / 1.50 m / 2.70 m / 3.00 m
  • Panel widths: 0.20 m / 0.25 m / 0.30 m / 0.45 m / 0.50 m / 0.55 m / 0.60 m / 0.75 m / 0.90 m
  • Maximum load capacity: Up to 60 kN/m²
  • Material: High-quality aluminium profiles

Ringer Props & Accessories

Safeguard is your go-to supplier for a vast range of high-quality spare parts and accessories designed specifically for Ringer formwork systems. From robust clamps and plates to specialised release agents, we offer everything you need for a safe, efficient, and high-performance formwork setup.

Props & Accessories available

  • UNI-Clamp System Master
  • Coupler Forged for System 2000
  • Combiplate
  • Tie Rod & Ties Master PRO
  • Adjustable Master Coupler
  • Master Aligning Clamp
  • Master Stop-End Coupler
  • Push and Pull Props
  • Waler & UNI-Waler
  • RS-Clamp
  • Compensation Panels
  • Bracket with Railing & Brace Frames
  • Circular Forming Plate & Stripping Corner
  • Foundation Clamps & Ground Anchor
  • Block Supporting (Faulenzer) & Spacer Tube
  • Uni-Tie Cones & Tie Cone Variants
  • Release Agents & Spraying Devices

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