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Safeguard's Green Formwork System

What is Green Formwork?

Safeguard’s Green Formwork Modular Shoring System is an advanced steel panel-prop formwork system which allows early stripping process.

It provides a suitable formwork solution to most concrete structures and components; and it meets the general requirements of different construction methods and conditions. The system adopts the structural mechanism of a 4-legged table, using a puzzle-style and systematic installation approach. Both panels & props are made from Grade Q345 steel components in CKD forms & assembled with nuts and bolts.

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Our Green Formwork system is

Innovative . Efficient . Safe

Simple and Innovative

Fast and efficient

Safe and reliable

It's simple as!

The simple steps to erecting the Green Formwork Modular Shoring System from the safety of the working floor.

1. Adjust the steel props to the required length
2. Erect the steel props using the gate brace
3. Hang the panel to the prop head
4. Swing the lower end of the panel into position using ADT
5. Insert, push, straighten, and lock in the four props
6. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5

Simple | Efficient | Reliable

  • Less Labour & Machinery Costs
  • Fast Track
  • Reduce Waster & Dumping Costs
  • Better Control & Quality


Panel Stripping –  Once the pour has set, the panels can be removed for reuse without disturbing the shoring props.

Cantilever – Cantilever technology maximizes efficiency and provides excellent safety on slab edges.

Cantiliver Stripping – Stripping procedure for reinforced concrete Cantilevered panel.

Green Formwork ZB3500 prop load capacity

Green Formwork ZB3500 prop load capacity


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