The most efficient formwork system

Green Formwork

Redefining efficiency with brilliant wind-lock technology.

Wind-lock tech_ Build strong, even in gusty winds

Wind-lock tech: Build strong, even in gusty winds

Truly sustainable_ Lower waste, reusable panels

Truly sustainable: Lower waste, reusable panels

Compliant & safe_ Meets all Australian safety standards

Compliant & safe: Meets all Australian safety standards

Sustainable formwork solution to cut costs & save time

Green Formwork by Safeguard is the world’s most advanced panel-prop aluminium system for horizontal slab propping. This cutting-edge formwork system isn’t just sustainable; it’s designed for early stripping and allows super quick cycle times. This patented drophead technology releases the pre-assembled aluminium panel upon concrete curing without disturbing the shoring prop.

Simple. Efficient. Reliable.

Secure & wind-resistant

Face Australia’s gusty winds with confidence. Our 6-way locking and wind-lock technology ensure an unparalleled, secure setup on site.

Ultra-efficient setup

Achieve up to 100m² per person per day with just a 4-person team. Cut down on labour and machinery costs with unbeatable efficiency.

Rock-solid stability

Australian certified to handle concrete slabs up to 500mm thick with a class two finish. Combined with our safety-first features, you get incredible structural stability.

Advanced sustainability

Renewable bamboo-composite infills, recycled aluminium stripping heads, and reusable aluminium pans cut down waste and boost sustainability by negating the need to purchase costly timber and ply as you would with traditional formwork systems.

Simple & innovative

Just 3 components needed for a complete setup. Minimal bracing. No tripods, or hassle. Our 4-point locking keeps it simple and secure.

Fast setup & takedown

Quick to set up, strip, and remove without cutting corners. Save both time and materials while maintaining the highest quality standards.

How does it work?

Green Formwork’s easy puzzle-style setup means that it can be customised to fit construction projects of almost any size and requirements 

Step 1

Adjust the props to the required length.

Step 2

Erect the props using the gate brace.

Step 3

Hang the aluminium panel to the prop head.

Step 4

Swing the lower end of the panel into position.

Step 5

Insert, push, straighten, and lock in the 4 props.

Step 6

Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5.

See Green Formwork in action

Genuine sustainability

Genuine sustainability

Renewable bamboo-composite infills

Recycled aluminium stripping heads

Lower waste & transport costs

Reusable panels

Safety-first features

Safety-first features

Locking restrictions in 6 directions for maximum stability

Eliminates working at heights risks by allowing ground-level assembly and dismantling.

Unbeatable efficiency

Unbeatable efficiency

Simple 4-person setup

Achieves up to 100m² setup per person per day

Less labour & machinery costs

Wind-lock mechanism

True innovation

True innovation

Just 3 components: panel, prop, infill beam

Minimal Braces, No tripods

Simple horizontal & vertical transfer

Secure 4-point locking

The Safeguard difference

We're committed to simplifying your project from the get-go. Our experts are ready for on-site team training and real-time troubleshooting. We prioritise safety and compliance in all that we do.


We’re mindful of your labour and material costs. Our formwork solutions minimise manpower, manual handling, and waste.

Guaranteed timelines

No more delays or stretched timelines. We commit to delivering on schedule, every time, without breaking the bank.

Safety is our priority

Our safety-first approach guards against workcover issues and employee risks.

Dependable support

We consistently deliver fast 24-hour info turnaround, direct communication, and an unwavering level of service.

High-quality formwork

We offer only the best in durable and reliable formwork solutions, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure and excess material.

Go green, build better

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